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SUMMER JAMBOREE #17 - 30 July / 7 August 2016


About us | Dicono di noi

» Chuck Berry  Fantastico pubblico! Sono molto felice di essere qui. Voglio tornare il prossimo anno! 
» Wayne Hancock  Grazie per avermi portato in paradiso 
» James Burton  Uno dei migliori eventi a cui abbia partecipato 
» Renzo Arbore  Ma questo festival è una meraviglia! 
» Wanda Jackson  Con un pubblico così bello l'emozione è stata tantissima. 
» Robert Johnson Lohr (Pianista di Chuck Berry)   We're back safe and sound in St. Louis... just wanted to tell you what a wonderful job you folks did with the festival. IMHO from an artist/sideman's perspective (based on playing similar festivals in Europe/U.S. for the past 15 years), the Summer Jamboree is easily the professional standard by which all roots festivals should be measured worldwide, end of story...

» Travel Ink Tattoos 

A Big thankyou to all the members of the Summer Jamboree staff. Our first Jamboree was sensational my wife and i were not expecting an ocean of people, but let me take this oppertunity to say to all the people of Italy thank you for your warm and possitive reception regarding Travel Ink Tattoos. Your Fellow countrymen/women took us to there hearts and we were touched. This event could not take place in any other town, Senigallia is the perfect back drop and your staff are a credit to your town and Country. My wife and i look forward to seeing you all again in 2010 so until then stay safe and well. Rockin Regards Greg 'n' Asha. (Kevin) 
» DJ Steve Stack of Wax
Congratulations on a fantastic and very memorable 10th anniversary Summer Jamboree.
big thanks to you for sorting everything out for us, we had a great time and i'm very proud to have been part of it all.
because of the massive success of this year's Summer Jamboree, where does the festival go from here?
it has grown so much since our last visit in 2006 and no other weekender in 2009 has a line-up like you have just had,it was incredible to see all those original rockers together on one stage, on one night, i think many people will talk about this for many years to come...
Regards Steve, Dawn & Lyndon.
» Sonny West The Jamboree was 1st class and I enjoyed it very much!
» Little Rachel ... I would go every year! It is my favorite festival!
» Freddy Bell (in occasione dell'Hawaiian party) Quando tornerò in America dirò che le Hawaii sono a Senigallia, non negli States.
» Ludmilla Radchenko E' stata un'occasione magica. Passare un paio di giorni al Summer Jamboree è stato come tuffarsi nei tempi di Elvis, l'epoca di quei famosi film che non invecchiano mai, piena di colori e di un'energia esplosiva con la voglia di ballare rock and roll.

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All the Bands of the past editions

The legends

Ben E. King | USA
Big Jay McNeely | USA

Bill Haley's Original Comets | USA
Billy Lee Riley | USA
Bobbettes | USA
Carl Mann | USA
Charlie Gracie | USA
Chuck Berry | USA
Cleftones | USA
Clem Sacco | ITA
Collins Kids | USA
Dale Hawkins | USA
Danny and The Juniors | USA
Duane Eddy | USA
Freddy Bell | USA
Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon | USA
Gary U.S. Bonds | USA
Hayden Thompson | USA
Huelyn Duvall | USA
James Burton | USA
Jerry Lee Lewis | USA
Jimmy Cavallo | USA
Johnny Farina
Johnny Powers | USA
Lew Williams | USA
Lloyd Price | USA
Marshall Lytle | USA
Marvin Rainwater | USA

Narvel Felts | USA
Ray Campi | USA
Ray Sharpe | USA
Roddy Jackson | USA
Sid & Billy King | USA
Sleepy La Beef | USA
Sonny Burgess | USA
Sonny West | USA
Stray Cats | USA
Teenagers | USA
Tommy Hunt | USA
Tommy Sands | USA
Wanda Jackson | USA
Wee Willie Harris | UK


49 Special | ES
6 Fireballs | CZ
Abbey Town Jump Orchestra | ITA
Acappella Swingers | ITA
Ace’s Trio | ITA
Adels Minimal Combo | ITA
Alabama Slammers | UK
Alex Valenzi & the Hode-a-Way Cast | BRA
Angel Maria Torres y sus Ultimos Mambolleros | CH
Annita & The Starbombers | NL
Arsen Roulette | USA
Backleg Breackers | FRA
BackSeat Boogie | ITA
Ball & Chains | ITA
Ballrom Kings | ITA
Barbara Clifford | USA
Barnshakers | FIN
Barnstompers | NL
Barrence Whitfield | USA
BB & The Red Cats | ITA
Benny and the Cats | ITA
Big Four | GER/NL
Big Heat | UK
Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys | USA
Big Six | UK
Billie & The Kids | HR
Billy and the Crazy Dogs | ARG
Black Crabs | USA
Blasco Small Combo | ITA
Blasting Gelatins | ITA
Blue Dolls | ITA
Blues Boppers | ITA
Blues Willies | ITA
Bobby Brooks Wilson | USA
Boogie Nuts | ITA
Boop Sisters | ITA
Boppin' Kids | ITA
Boppin’ Steve | SW
Bricats | GER
Cadillac Angels | USA
Capitan Jive | ITA
Capone Bros. |ITA
Cari Lee and The Saddle Ites | USA
CC Jerome and the Savoys | NL
Charlie Cannon | USA
Charlie Thompson | UK
Chazz Cats | USA
Cherry Casino & The Gamblers | GER
Chiara Rosso | ITA
Cialtron Trio | ITA
Coco Calypso and Her Slicing Sand Boys | UK
Cordwood Draggers | UK
Crashmen | ITA
Crazy String | ITA
Crystalairs | GER
Crystal and Runnin' Wild | BE
Daddy-O Grande | USA
Dagous Ket Ramblers | F
Dale Rocka and The Volcanos | ITA 
Danny Santos & The Savoys | USA
Dave & Deke Combo | USA
Dave Stuckey's Rhythm Gang | USA
Deke Dickerson | USA
Denis Mazhukow | RUS
Diego Geraci | ITA
Di Maggio Bros. | ITA
Di Maggio Connection | ITA
Ding Dong Daddyo's | UK
Dionna and the Avenue X | USA/ITA
Domestic Bumblebees | SVE
Down Home | ES
Dragons | ITA
Dr. Snout & his Hogs of Rhythm | FIN
Ducktails | ITA
Ecco-fonics |USA
Eddie Nichols | USA
Egidio "Juke" Ingala & The Jacknives | ITA
Emanuele Urso "The King of Swing" Big Band | ITA
Ettore Lauritano | ITA
Extraordinaires | UK
Fabulous Daddy | ITA
Fabulous Harmonaires | USA
Fake Youngsters | ITA
Fantastic Four | ITA
Fia Sco & The Majestics | ITA
Firebirds | UK
Five in Love with Betty | AUT 
Four Vegas | ITA
Francesca Viaro | ITA
French and the Firebirds | IT
Frigidaires | ITA
Gary "Detroit" Wiggins | USA
Gianni Dall'Aglio e i Ribelli | ITA

Golden Hill Ramblers | USA
Gone Hepsville | CZ
Good Fellas | ITA
Gnomo “Swing” Band (40 Swingin’ kids)
Greg, Max Pajella & The Blues Willies | ITA
Grizzo | ITA
Hellcats | ITA
Hi-Flyers |  ITA
Hi-Fly Rangers | FIN
Hi-Tone Ranch Boys | ITA
Honkers | ITA
Honolulu Hula Boys | ITA
Honolulu Sixpack | GER
Hormonauts | ITA/SCO
Hot Jumpin’ Six | GER
Hot Potatoes | ITA
Hot Tubes | ITA
House Ghost Big Band | ITA 
Howlin' Lou and his Whip Lovers | ITA
Hula Trio | F
Hullabaloo | UK
I Belli di Waikiki | ITA
Ida Red & The Mountain Melody Stompers | GER
Ike and The Capers | GER
Il Diavolo & l'Acqua Santa | ITA
Indra ad Move It | CH
Inteli-Gents | UK
Ipse Dixie
Izzy and the Catastrophics |USA
Jack Eager & The Ramshakles | ITA
Jackie and his Loaders | ITA
Jackson Sloan | UK
James Intveld | USA
Jesse Al Tuscan & The Lumberjacks | GER 
Jets | UK
Jive Aces | UK
Jive Romeros | UK
Joe and the Hornets | SE
Johnny Cash & June Carter Tribute Show | USA /EU
Johnny Farina | USA
Johnny Law & the Pistol Packin’ Daddies | AUS
Johnny Loda | ITA
Johnny Trouble featuring Iris Romen | GER Johnny Cash June Carter Duette
Jolly Rockers | ITA
Juke Joint Jump | UK
Jumpin' Pumpkins | ITA
Jumpin' Shoes | ITA
Jumpin' Up | ITA
Junior Marvel | NL
Junior Watson | USA
Keytones | UK
Kim Lenz and The Jaguars | USA
King Beans | GER
King Kukulele | USA
King Lion and the Braves | ITA
King Louie Combo | CH
Kitty Daisy and Lewis | UK
Kool-A-Tones | ITA
Ladyvette | ITA
Lara Luppi | ITA
Laura B and the Moonlighters | UK
Les Bandits Mancho | FRA
Libbico & the Almost Blues | ITA
Lil’ Esther | NL
Lil’ Gizzelle | USA
Lily Moe and The Barnyard P.A. Trio | CH
Linda Gail Lewis | USA
Little Rachel | USA
Little Victor | ITA/FRA/ES
Lloyd Tripp and The Zipguns | USA
Los Terribles de Tijuana | ITA
Love Bandits | ITA
Luca Olivieri | ITA
Luky and his Fried Chickens | ITA
Luky Linetti and The Thunderstorms | ITA
Luky Stars | USA
Lynette Morgan & The Blackwater Valley Boys | UK
Mad Tubes | ITA
Marc Tortorici | USA
Marcel Riesco & his Rockin' Roy Orbison Show | USA
Maria Antonietta | ITA
Marilù | ITA
Mars Attacks | AUT/CH
Marti Brom | USA
Matthew Lee | ITA
Max Panconi Trio | ITA
Metrotones | UK
Mike Penny and the Moonshiners | GERA
Mike Sanchez | UK
Miss Mary Ann | NL
Miss T & The Mad Tubes | ITA
Mitch Woods | USA
Monokings | ITA
Montesas | GER
Nick Curran | USA
Nico Duportal & The Rhythm Dudes | FRA
Nu Niles | ES
Ocean’s Seven | UK
Ol’Boogies | ITA
Okole Maluna Orchestra | GER/ITA
Ondrej Havelka and his Melody Makers | CZ
Original Jumpin’ Shoes | ITA
P-51 Airplanes | ITA
Paladins | USA
Paolo Fioretti | ITA
Paul maD Gang | ITA
Pep Torres | USA
Perry | ITA
Pete Anderson | LV
Poison Ivies and The Steady | ITA
Ragtime Wranglers | NL
Ranch Girls | USA
Randy Rich | DE
Rapiers | UK
Rattlesnakes | RUS
Ray Collins’ Hot Club | GER
Ray Gelato & The Giants | UK
Red Hot Lava | ITA
Red Cadillac | ITA
Rob Ryan Roadshow | USA/GER
Red Wagons | ITA 
Reeferbilly | ITA
Revolutionaires | UK
Rhythm '55 | GER
Rip Carson | USA
R'n'R Riot | ITA
Robbie D. & The Duophonics | ITA
Rob Ryan Roadshow | USA/GER
Rollin' Miles | ES
Rockin' Bonnie and the Rot Gut Shot | ITA
Rockin' Eddie | ITA
Rockingo | ITA
Rock’n’Roll Kamikaze | ITA/UK
Roomates | UK
Rosie Flores | USA
Roy Kay Trio | USA
Roy Rogers Band | ITA 
Roy Thompson and the Mellow Kings | FRA
Ruby Ann | POR
Rusty Pinto | AUS
Sage & J.W. | USA
Saints & Sinners | GER
Scotty Tecce | USA
Sean Mencher | USA
Shooting Stars | UK
Shorty Tom and the Longshots | FRA
Si Cranstoun | UK
Silver Tones | ITA
Skyline Jazz Quartet | ITA
Slick Steve & the Gangsters | ITA/UK
Slim Jim Phantom | USA
Smoky Joe Combo | FRA
Smith's Ranch Boys | USA
Smokestack Lightnin' | GER
Sophie Garner and Her Swing Kings | UK
Speakeasies’ Swing Band | GR
Spo-Dee-O-Dee | GER
Spootniks | RUS
Starliters | ITA
Steam Rollers | ITA
Steve Lucky and the Rhumba Bums | USA
Strike | ITA
Sue Moreno | NL
Sugarpie & The Candymen | ITA
Sugar Ray Ford | UK
Sunny Bottom Boys | GER
Sunny Boys | ITA
Taildraggers | NL
Texabilly Rokets | POR
Tiki Twisters | FIN
Tim Knuckey | AUS
Tinstars | NL
T-Model Boogie | ITA 
Tommy "Ol'Boogies" | ITA
Tony Marlow | FRA
Trash Tornados | ES
Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti | ITA
Two Timin' Four | USA
Ub Dolls | ITA
Varnellis | ITA
Velvet Candles |ES
Veronica & Red Wine Serenaders | ITA
Vik and the Doctor of Jive | ITA
Vince Tempera | ITA
Violetta & Don Diego Trio | ITA
Wavers | ITA
Wayne Hancock | USA
Welcome to the Django | ITA
Western Spaghetti | ITA
Wheels Fargo and The Nightingale | ITA
Whistle Bait | FIN
Wildfire Willie and The Ramblers | SW


Dita Von Teese | USA
Amber Topaz | UK
Annette Kellow | UK
Banbury Cross | UK
Beau Rocks | UK
Bee's Knees | UK
Betsy Rose | UK
Bianca Nevius | ITA
Dolly Lamour | ITA
Dorothy Shaw | ITA
Eve La Plume | ITA
Foxy Rouge | USA
Grace Hall | ITA
Gypsy Wood | AUS
Janet Fischietto | ITA
Kitty Bang Bang | UK
Lada Redstar | GER
Lady Flo | FRA
Laurie Hagen | B/UK
Lou Lou D’Vil | FIN
Millie Dollar | UK
Miss Honey Lulu | UK/ITA
Miss Malone | USA
Missy Fatale | UK
Perle Noire | USA
Polly Rae | UK

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How to get there

By airplain:
Ancona (AOI) 25 Km - 20'
Rimini (RMI) 75 Km - 45'
Forlì (FRL) 124 Km - 1h 15'
Bologna (BLQ) 191 Km - 1h 45'
Pescara (PSR) 194Km - 1h 45'
Perugia (PEG) 146 km - 2h
By ship:
Port of Ancona
By train:
Railway station of Senigallia
By car:
Autostrada A14 - Senigallia exit
here a list of facilities in Senigallia

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Go cat go with your Oldtimers! Vieni al Summer Jamboree con la tua auto americana pre ’69 e avrai diritto al Rockin’ Parking di Piazza Simoncelli, ai parcheggi gratuiti in tutta la città di Senigallia (centro e lungomare) per la durata del Festival e infine anche a un biglietto omaggio per l’evento a pagamento.
Per l'OldTimers Pass, tutti i possessori di Oldtimers possono inviare una e-mail a con i propri dati (nome, cognome, e-mail e numero di telefono) e quelli della propria auto (marca, modello, anno).
Il pass potrà essere ritirato direttamente sul posto, all’Info point del Summer Jamboree.
Il Rockin’ Parking di Piazza Simoncelli è un parcheggio custodito.

Go, cat go, with your Oltimer !  Come to the Summer Jamboree with your pre-1969 american car and you’ll get the chance to park directly in the Rockin’ Car Park, situated in Piazza Simoncelli, in all the Senigallia car parks (Centre and near the beach ‘lungomare’) for free, for all the festival long, and last, but not least, you’ll get a free ticket for the event on payment.
To get the ‘OldTimersPass’, all the oldtimers’ owners can send an e-mail to with all the data (name, surname, e-mail, phone number) and the car’s data (make, model, year).
You can get your pass directly at the festival, at the Summer Jamboree Info Point.
The Rockin’ Car Park in Piazza Simoncelli, is a safe guarded parking.

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